Thursday, 18 September 2008

A lovely blue sky!

Today I spent a lovely morning on the beach with Mummy!
We had the whole beach to ourselves!
I ran along the beach, dug holes in the sand and went into the sea.

We have had a great day, now I am tired so I am going to have a rest

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I took a walk down by the sea
And I listened to her strength
And I saw how tall I was
Realized how small I was
And I wonder...
Why the world should care for me?
I looked up into the swirling sky
Saw the clouds go rushing by
Realized how slow I was
And I saw how low I was
And I wondered....
Why the sun should shine for me?

By Eric Burden... an animal poet! LOL!

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Thursday, 4 September 2008


Time to put your coat on!

Walking up the lane with mummy I spotted these chaps....
says it all really!
The sky looked very cold!

Hope mummy doesn't get any ideas of getting me something like that?

Do you think she will?


Well lets hope she sees more sense. I blame that ear ache of hers!

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