Thursday, 21 August 2008

Guess What?

Mummy has got one of these!
It was advertised in the Ad paper.....£65.
Daddy came home from work and took mummy to see it.
It had hardly been used.
Daddy said £50 and the seller agreed.

Last night daddy pumped up the tyres and mummy took it up Handale Lane (where the horses are)

Today mummy took me up Handale lane.....I was excellent mummy said.
I trotted next to the bike, running to keep up when mummy went fast.

Tonight, when I returned home from the workshop with Daddy we went out again.
Mummy said I was FANTASTIC!
We went up another lane to parkhouse Farm then back again.

Boy am I tired!

I will sleep well tonight.

Mummy said we are going out again tomorrow!



Noah the Airedale said...

Wow that is that is the best exercise. Was your mum inspired by the British cycling team ? Lol.
Have a great weekend Wilma.


Lynette said...

Duncan the darling dachshund says its a good thing your legs are long, Wilma, what with all of the going up and down lanes. And he told me to tell you he knows that you enjoyed seeing the lovely horses.

happy said...

That sounds fun! Hmm...LS should get one of those so I could run alongside her.

Pippa said...

Ooooh mistress says very nice and a good price. But when master and mistress go out on their bikes, I don't get to go with them.

CherryPie said...

What a good deal, that looks like good fun :-)

Denise said...

Well done Wilma, sounds like you both had a lot of fun. Thinking of getting one of those two-wheelers myself. Many happy runs to you and your mum.