Wednesday, 20 August 2008

ABC Wednesday....E

E is for.....ENERGY!

Sniffing for disgusting fish!

To race up the beach!

To jump the walls!

To run in the sea!

I have so much energy!

A few weeks ago mummy got some floatable dog toys from Freecycle but we haven't had the weather to try them out at the beach! Today I can see the sunshine so, armed with my new rubber balls we are going to head for the beach!

I am sooooooooooooooo excited.
I have been having lots of walks round the village which I know mummy has shared with you but the weather has meant the walks are short.......and I like longer spells out to burn off my energy!

Happy ABC Wednesday!



magiceye said...

Energetic, enthusiastic... excellent captures!

Check out my Engine here

Pippa said...

oooh sounds great.

Excellent photos of you Wilma. I do not have much energy unless there are cats around.

Have you tried sniffing for dead seagulls on the beach?

They are great fun. You must look for them and let me know how you get on.

'JoAnn's-D-Eyes'NL said...

Heeeh WILMA!
What are you a sweet dog! I love your eyes and ENERGY, my dog named IOS would love you, she is a swiss bernese mountain dog, but YOU WILMA are sweet too!

Happy ABC, please visit me:)
Greetings JoAnn-D-Eyes

RuneE said...

That's the thing to do for a goode bow-wow!

Molly and Taffy said...

Energy, that is a good one Wilma.
Molly and Taffy

AphotoAday said...

That's quite a dog -- would tend to keep a person moving...

Greyscale Territory said...

Wilma ~ May you always have the energy to go on your great adventures and then have some left over to post here and tell us about them! Love it!

Bear Naked said...

Enjoy your Exciting Energetic Excursion with Exuberance.
I am Envious.

Bear((( )))

leslie said...

Hi Wilma, I'm so glad you got some time to work off all that energy! Your Mummy took some lovely photos of you running and doing all those other things, so be sure to tell her I congratulate her on them. Right now I don't have too much energy but it will come back, I'm sure of it. :D

Noah the Airedale said...

Hi Wilma
We've missed you. Love the beach shots. The weather looks good.

Noah xx

Suburbia said...

You are very photogenic as well as energetic Wilma!

photowannabe said... do have lots of energy but your Mummy will take you on more long walks.
Very cute indeed.

Denise said...

Wilma, you are a star. Wish I could run that fast along a beach. Wish I was close enough to the beach to run on one. Wish I had your energy!

Nydia said...

It's always great to see you having fun with your mommy, Wilma! Your energy and enthusiasm is contageous! Wish I could run along the beach with you! :o)

Kisses from Nydia.

Molly and Taffy said...

Wilma you looked as if you were having the time of your life. We love racing up and down the beaches too.

Have a lovely weekend

Molly and Taffy